Smart HIL™

DP HIL simulator

Program view

DP HIL test

  • Support User friendly Contents
  • Consist of “Operator View” and “Monitoring Screen”, each program is for tester and owner respectively
  • Various sensors, power, thrust and signal can be tested using 60 different test items
  • DPC control state can be tested using signal modulation ( noise, bias, slope and direct signal)
  • All of test result data can be plotted with graph, and can be analysis
  • Vessel motion can be measured at continuously various sea state
  • Vessel’s limitation can be tested through dynamic positioning
  • Monitoring screen just show operator state, various signal, power, sensor and motion of vessel
  • Especially, Monitoring screen include 3D motion engine that can describe totally vessel motion at glance
  • Motion Engine implement reality sea state(i.e. wave direction and height) using state of the art graphics technique
  • All the other external conditions assume stable when DP controller test be implemented

Test scope

Validation test

  • Thrust, power. Moment, and scaling testing for the propulsion system
  • Ocean current estimate in the DP control system
  • Wind force configuration
  • Station-keeping performance for different environmental conditions
  • Station-keeping and reference model performance during set-point changes
  • Offset compensation test for pos-ref sensors

Functional test

  • Wind force feed-forward
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