Smart HIL™

DP HIL simulator

Program view

DP HIL test

  • Support User friendly Contents
  • Consist of “Operator View” and “Monitoring Screen”, each program is for tester and owner respectively
  • Various sensors, power, thrust and signal can be tested using 60 different test items
  • DPC control state can be tested using signal modulation ( noise, bias, slope and direct signal)
  • All of test result data can be plotted with graph, and can be analysis
  • Vessel motion can be measured at continuously various sea state
  • Vessel’s limitation can be tested through dynamic positioning
  • Monitoring screen just show operator state, various signal, power, sensor and motion of vessel
  • Especially, Monitoring screen include 3D motion engine that can describe totally vessel motion at glance
  • Motion Engine implement reality sea state(i.e. wave direction and height) using state of the art graphics technique
  • All the other external conditions assume stable when DP controller test be implemented

Test scope

Validation test

  • Thrust, power. Moment, and scaling testing for the propulsion system
  • Ocean current estimate in the DP control system
  • Wind force configuration
  • Station-keeping performance for different environmental conditions
  • Station-keeping and reference model performance during set-point changes
  • Offset compensation test for pos-ref sensors

Functional test

  • Wind force feed-forward
  • Capability Analysis
  • Station-keeping in all combinations of selected pos-ref and head-ref systems
  • Joystick modes
  • DP controller settings
  • Blackout prevention, load reduction
  • Follow target mode
  • Backup system monitoring and control - Backup DP switch1
  • Motion Prediction Analysis
  • Positioning control modes
  • DP backup system positioning test
  • etc.

Failure test

  • Signal failures on feedback signals from a thruster - Thruster
  • Electro/mechanical failures on a thruster - Thruster
  • Signal failures on VRU roll and pitch signals - VRU
  • Signal failures on a wind sensor speed and direction signals - Wind sensor
  • Signal failures on draught sensor signal - Draft sensor
  • Signal failures on HPR position signal - HPR
  • Failures in HPR flags and status indicators - HPR
  • Failures in DGPS flags and status indicators - DGPS
  • Signal failures on DGPS position signal - DPGS
  • etc.

DP HIL Test Simulator configuration

  • Development Tool : MATLAB, Visual Studio 2012, Unity3D
  • Development environment : MATLAB, .Net Framework 4.0,
    Unity 4
      - Programming Language : Simulink, C++, C#
  • Program Overview
    • 1. Develop features that communicate with analysis engine
    • 2. Develop Graphic Builder
        - drawing, create various event etc.
    • 3. Develop Real time interface
        - Interface which communicate with DP every 0.1 sec
    • 4. Develop Virtual VM
        - Create event for performing HIL Test
    • 5. Develop 3D visualization engine
      - Owner can monitor DP operation and control viewpoint of
          the vessel




Delivered in

DP & SPT HIL testing of Teekay's 103k shuttle tankers

Samsung Heavy Industries


SPT HIL testing of Teekay's 130k shuttle tankers

Samsung Heavy Industries


DP HIL testing of Teekay's 130k shuttle tankers(HN2241s 4th vessel)

Samsung Heavy Industries


DP & SPT HIL testing AET's 2236s shuttle tankers

Samsung Heavy Industries


DP & SPT HIL testing of Teekay’s 147k shuttle tankers

Samsung Heavy Industries