HIL(Hardware-In-the-Loop) simulators are designed to test the safety, function and performance of real ship control systems with built-in control algorithm.

-DP(Dynamic Positioning) HIL Test Simulator

-SPT(Steering, Propulsion & Thruster) HIL Test Simulator

-PMS(Power Management System) HIL Test Simulator

Monitoring & Control system

Development of IAS (Integrated Automation System) for ship and offshore structure using software, hardware and interface network.

Virtual Reality

Modeling & Simulation in 3-D environment to veirfy the design quality of ships

Hull, outfittings, and equipments of a ship are 3D modeled by using VR technology. It enables to evaluate the operability, maintainability, and core function of a ship before manufacturing.

It also can be utilized as a training simulator for crew members after delivery.


OnBoardOneTM software is a Contents Management System for a ship.

All technical documents, drawings, CAD model of the ship are stored and utilized for the maintenance efficiently.

Shipyard Modeling & Simulation

ShipyardOneTM is a shipyard modeling & simulation software.

Products, Processes, Resources, and Production schedule are modeled and simulated using DES(Discrete Event Simulation) technique to find optimum solution of shipyard operation.